Why You Need The Sound Income Strategies Digital Income Kit If You’re 50 Years of Age or Older!

The Information You Need to Help Protect and Grow Your Retirement Savings


We believe that retirees, and soon-to-be retirees, need to have access to the right information so they can make informed decisions when it comes to protecting their retirement savings from the ups and downs of the stock market. The materials included in our Digital Income Kit will allow you to explore strategies that can help you establish ongoing streams of income you can count on well into retirement—while reducing your exposure to stock market risk.

Sound Income Strategies Video Animation

Our animated videos simplify and demystify key financial topics that you need to understand to make informed decisions about planning and saving for retirement. These videos will provide you with a fundamental understanding of key topics, so you can be better prepared for retirement.

Financial Celebrity Video:

“10 Things Financial Experts Want You to Know”

Some of the most prominent guests that have appeared on The Income Generation show with David J. Scranton share their words of wisdom for those within 10-15 years of retirement. Steve Forbes, Peter Morici, Robert Shiller, and other financial celebrities give you their best advice on what you can do to help protect and grow your savings in the current economic landscape.

3 Research Reports:

The Income Generation Report: Income-Generating Strategies to Help You Avoid the Perils of the Stock Market

For years, investing in stocks was considered too risky for the pension fund portfolios of many cities, states, and countries. So risky, that it was prohibited in most cases. So why do so many brokers still recommend stocks for the portfolios of those close to retirement age? This report explains what you can do to help protect your savings from stock market risk, while establishing streams of income you can count on well into retirement.

Facing Volatility: The Day After the Largest Single-Day Point Decline in Stock Market History

The financial markets are near record highs, and although they could climb slightly higher, there’s a good chance we could soon see an overdue market correction that could wipe out the retirement savings of many investors. Find out what you can do today to reduce, and possibly even eliminate, your exposure to stock market risk before it’s too late.

The Case for Fixed Income

Investing in income-generating securities is similar to lending your money to the largest U.S. corporations that pay you regularly scheduled interest. By owning predominantly income-generating securities, you can know, with a greater degree of certainty, what your financial future holds. This report explains how you can establish renewable streams of income, so you don’t end up outliving your savings in retirement.


15-Minute Call with a Local Income Specialist

Affiliated with Sound Income Strategies

Our founder, David J. Scranton, has trained and developed a network of Income Specialists, affiliated with Sound Income Strategies, who can explain why focusing on income can make all the difference in reaching your retirement goals. These specially trained advisors, with years of experience, stand ready to answer your retirement questions, and if you desire, can develop a custom-built retirement plan that’s focused on providing ongoing income to meet your retirement needs.

And as a special gift: David J. Scranton’s Book

Return on Principle: 7 Core Values to Help Protect Your Money in Good Times and Bad

In 1999, David J. Scranton’s knowledge of stock market history enabled him to foresee the coming 2000 stock market collapse and helped many of his clients avoid damaging losses. With so much uncertainty in today’s global markets, and the potential for another major stock market crash on the horizon, you can’t afford to rely on outdated, stock market-based investment strategies that put you at risk for damaging losses. In this book, David Scranton identifies 7 core values that can help you protect your retirement savings in good times and in bad.
return on principal book by David J Scranton Financial Advisor

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