Featured Retirement Income Specialists

Featured Retirement Income Specialists - Sound Income Strategies

Featured Retirement Income Specialists

Planning and saving for retirement has changed dramatically over the past few decades. You used to be able to work for a company for 20-30 years and enjoy reliable pension income throughout retirement. Now, many of today’s aspiring retirees must take it upon themselves to help ensure they’ll have the income they need to enjoy a more comfortable retirement.

At the Retirement Income Store, we believe that a retirement plan focused on generating income in the form of consistent interest and dividend payments can be a viable way for hard-working Americans to help enjoy “pension-like” peace of mind during retirement.

A good first step is to sit down and visualize exactly what it is you want to do during retirement. Do you plan on traveling, playing golf, or going out to eat frequently? Try to be as specific as you can with your goals and once you’ve identified your goals, you can begin to ponder questions like: “How much do I need to save for retirement?

However, before you start contemplating your retirement budget, we suggest taking a moment to make sure the financial advisor you are working with is best qualified to help you make the transition into living in retirement.

You see, an advisor focused on growth-based investments can be suitable during your working years, since you still have time for the stock market to bounce back if it experiences a major correction. Unfortunately, as we near retirement, we no longer have that luxury. So, it makes sense to gradually reduce our exposure to investments that can experience dramatic drops in value.

Instead, we believe that those nearing retirement should shift to focusing on income-generating investments designed to help preserve your principal and help provide steady interest and dividend payments you can count on well into retirement. That’s why we think a critical component of living a less stressful retirement is working with a financial advisor knowledgeable about the best ways to make the shift to investing for income. 

With that said, here’s our list of Featured Retirement Income Specialists: 

Tim Sparks – Financial Advisor, Sparks Financial Group, A Retirement Income Store®, Lexington, Kentucky

Everyone’s goals for retirement are different, and once you enter retirement, your goals and dreams can change. That’s why, as a fiduciary, Tim Sparks takes the time to get to know every client before creating a personalized financial plan for them. It’s also why he conducts regular client reviews to help ensure that a client’s financial plan reflects their evolving goals and priorities.

You might be wondering: “What is a fiduciary?” It’s a person who acts on behalf of another and is legally and ethically bound to act in the other person’s best interests. Dedicated to helping pre-retirees and retirees protect and grow their assets ahead of retirement, Tim specializes in helping clients establish steady streams of income for retirement. Tim and Sparks Financial Group stand ready to help those in the Lexington, Kentucky area achieve the retirement they truly deserve.

Eric Lardner – Financial Advisor, Founder & President, Abundant Wealth Management, A Retirement Income Store, Dallas, Texas

Eric Lardner is the Founder and President of Abundant Wealth Management (AWM). Eric has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, providing financial market analysis, financial planning, and retirement advice to those in the Dallas area. Eric’s firm provides comprehensive financial planning services including investment management, fixed income investments, insurance, and estate planning.

A big proponent of financial literacy and financial education, Eric has written pieces for international publications on some of the unique ways to help protect and distribute wealth as a legacy. Eric founded AWM to focus on helping clients maximize income when retired—through steady interest and dividend payments they can count on. Dedicated to the core principals of trust and integrity, AWM works to help maximize clients’ retirement income while always keeping the needs and best interests of their clients first and foremost.

Eric is a Series 65-licensed Investment Advisor Representative and fiduciary.

James Lineweaver CFP®, AIF® – Financial Advisor, Founder, Lineweaver Financial Group, A Retirement Income Store, Valley View, Ohio

James S. Lineweaver is the Founder and CEO of Lineweaver Financial Group, a Northeastern Ohio independent financial advisory firm—providing sound financial strategies and solutions since 1993. Jim is also the Founder of the Lineweaver WealthWATCH Center, a comprehensive resource center that brings independent financial, tax, legal, and insurance professionals together under one roof.

During nearly three decades known as Ohio’s “Financial Quarterback”, Jim has found that too many people have lost opportunities because of a lack of coordination between their lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, and financial advisor. That’s why he wrote the book, Your Retirement Playbook—to help every Ohio public employee avoid leaving money on the table when it comes to the benefits they’ve earned and deserve.

As a financial advisor and former Ohio law enforcement officer, Jim knows that some of the most important issues related to your pension and retirement benefits can be complex and difficult to understand. That’s why he included numerous real-life examples and practical tips to make the book informative and easy to understand.

Although Your Retirement Playbook emphasizes public employees in Ohio, government employees across the country will discover solid financial advice about supplemental retirement benefits and options available through 403(b)s, 457(b)s, traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs.

Lindsey Cotter and Nathan Cox – Financial Advisors & Co-Founders, Retirement Income Solutions, LLC, A Retirement Income Store, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Lindsey Cotter is the Chief Executive Officer and Nathan Cox is the Chief Financial Officer of Retirement Income Solutions, LLC, an independent practice built on trust, reliability, and experience through a variety of market conditions. Lindsey and Nathan have more than three decades of combined experience helping clients achieve their retirement goals. Using time-tested, income-generating investment strategies, they help clients establish renewable streams of income for retirement while helping minimize risks to their retirement savings.

In addition to providing their clients with superior customer service, Retirement Income Solutions, LLC aims to provide clients with financial peace of mind by helping them invest for income. Using strategies to help reduce their exposure to risk, Lindsey and Nathan can help you maximize the amount of income your investments generate for retirement.

Lindsey and Nathan are also the co-hosts of the Retirement Income Solutions Radio Show, airing every Saturday and Sunday on WGNS News Radio (FM 100.5 & 101.9), and on WGOW Talk Radio (102.3 FM & 1150 AM). 

Jeffrey Small – Financial Advisor, President, ARBOR Financial Services, Inc., A Retirement Income Store, Melbourne, Florida

Jeffrey Small is the President of ARBOR Financial Services. ARBOR stands for Assisting Retirees Beyond Ordinary Results. Not only is ARBOR an appropriate acronym for Jeff Small’s firm, but it is also a philosophy based on Jeff’s years of industry and market experience. In addition to being the national Brand Ambassador for The Retirement Income Store, Jeff is an Amazon Bestselling Author and co-host of the TV show The Income Generation with David Scranton.

A long-time Florida resident with nearly 35 years of experience, Jeff’s book, Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up, reached #1 on Amazon’s List of Hot New Releases. It reveals how many growth-based financial advisors that focus exclusively on stock market-based investments can steer investors nearing retirement into poor decisions. Instead, the book prescribes proven alternatives that can help investors prepare for retirement in a manner that places them on a path to reach and exceed their financial goals.

Dedicated to helping clients reap the rewards of a well-planned retirement, Jeff has appeared on CNBC, Fox News, and Bloomberg to share insights gained through decades of being a fixed-income investor. A proponent of financial literacy, Jeff has hosted hundreds of public seminars on topics such as the importance of financial defense and financial strategies that can help generate reliable and consistent income for retirees.

Jeff is a licensed Insurance Agent with the Florida Department of Financial Services and is an Investment Advisor Representative. Both he and ARBOR Financial Services of Florida are members in good standing with the Central Florida Better Business Bureau and the National Ethics Association.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Income Strategies, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. The Retirement Income Store® , LLC and Sound Income Strategies, LLC are associated entities.

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