Become an Income Specialist

Help Your Clients Enjoy Retirement with Greater Income, Security, and Peace of Mind

After the Stock Market dropped by nearly 50% in 2000-2003, and then again by nearly 60% from 2007-2009, many investors, particularly Baby Boomers, realized they needed a new approach to saving and investing for retirement. Unfortunately, despite these dramatic drops, many advisors and brokers were still advocating old stock market-based investment strategies, or they took the easy way out and invested their clients’ hard-earned money in bond funds.

Most advisors today are smart enough to know that they can’t be great at everything. Since they’ve chosen to concentrate on the stock market, they realize that they lack the specialized training it takes to effectively implement and manage individual fixed income securities. As a result, they either don’t do fixed income, or fixed income investing is just an afterthought and they end up placing their clients’ funds in bond mutual funds.

Sound Income Strategies, LLC, founded by David J. Scranton, is a Fort Lauderdale-based Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that differs from most other RIAs due to our fundamental experience in the universe of income-generating savings and investment strategies. Invited to share his insights on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and other financial outlets, David recognized the need to “stop following the crowd” and change his business model to one he felt would better serve his clients and help protect their portfolios in the decades ahead.
David, and other advisors specializing in income-generating strategies, continue to help their clients build secure, dependable retirement plans through the active management of individual bonds, preferred stocks, and other bond-like investments. We understand that no investment option is without some degree of risk. However, the amount of risk your clients can afford to take differs drastically depending on their age and retirement goals.

As you know, too much risk can be especially costly in the years immediately before and after retirement, as many unfortunate investors learned in 2003 and again in 2007. With the potential for another major stock market correction in the coming years a concern for many economists and investors, Baby Boomers need to understand that the onus is on them, more than ever before, to financially prepare for retirement and protect their assets.

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