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Featured TIG Show

Central Banks

with Mohamed El-Erian and Danielle DiMartino Booth

On this week’s featured episode of The Income Generation, David J. Scranton welcomes Mohamed El-Erian and Danielle DiMartino Booth to discuss the key role that central banks play in determining the fate of the economy, the financial markets, and your retirement.

It’s time to tune out the hype, and focus on the facts, facts that matter to you, The Income Generation.

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Our Clients

While Sound Income Strategies works with a broad range of clients, we specialize in working with those who are retired or nearing retirement. Increasingly, that means working Americans in the Baby Boomer demographic who understand that, compared to previous generations, the game has changed significantly when it comes to retirement planning. For most Boomers, traditional, employer-based pensions no longer exist, and in the wake of two major stock market drops since the year 2000, many have learned the hard way that the mutual funds in their 401(k) plans are vulnerable. Boomers understand the onus is on them, more than ever before, to prepare financially for retirement and to protect their assets. With that in mind, we put a strong emphasis on client education, working with all clients to ensure that they have the best possible investment strategy to meet their goals. We help them understand all of their investment options, the importance of financial defense, the facts about stock market history, and how changing interest rates can affect certain investments—particularly income funds—adversely.

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David In The News

In addition to hosting The Income Generation™, which airs each Sunday at 10:00 AM on Newsmax TV, David J. Scranton is frequently sought out to share his insights on the financial markets on news outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. Check out David’s latest media appearance in the video to the left.

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