Find out how Sound Income Strategies can help you:
  • Establish consistent streams of income you can count on
  • Better protect your retirement savings from economic uncertainties
  • Maximize your growth potential—with less risk than traditional stock market-based plans
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Sound Income Strategies can help you:
  • Generate ongoing streams of income you can count on well into retirement
  • Help reach your financial goals by working with you to build your nest egg
  • Help avoid stock market fluctuations by actively managing your portfolio
5 Things that Set Us Apart From Most Traditional Stock Market-Based Firms

  1. We invest in individual bonds instead of bond mutual funds

  2. We look beyond the ratings

  3. We use limit orders to help to ensure our clients don’t overpay

  4. We go directly to buyers and sellers to negotiate the best price

  5. We actively manage our clients' portfolios

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Our Investment Approach

Why this equation is important to your success
TR = I + G

When we hear the term “renewable resource”, we often think of energy, such as solar or wind. And, most prudent people would agree that the practical use of renewable energy is essential for our long-term wellbeing, so we never run out of something as important as energy.

When it comes to investing for income, informed investors are employing the same concept. Members of the Income Generation know that the game has changed. After the disappearance of traditional pension plans and two major stock market drops since the turn of the century, they know the onus is on them to help protect their assets and prepare financially for retirement.

They’re using their accumulated savings to create an ongoing income stream, in the form of interest and dividends sometimes as much as 5 %—while helping to protect the principal balance of their retirement savings. And, as life expectancies continue to rise, it’s become more important than ever to establish a semi-passive engine that can help provide ongoing income to cover living expenses during retirement.

There are many aspects of income-based investing that make it a practical choice for investors in or near retirement, particularly risk reduction. And, the best part about it is that increasing your income doesn’t mean you need to take on more risk, in fact it’s just the opposite.

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Become an Income Specialist

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Our Clients

While Sound Income Strategies works with a broad range of clients, we specialize in working with those who are retired or nearing retirement. Increasingly, that means working Americans in the Baby Boomer demographic who understand that, compared to previous generations, the game has changed significantly when it comes to retirement planning. For most Boomers, traditional, employer-based pensions no longer exist, and in the wake of two major stock market drops since the year 2000, many have learned the hard way that the mutual funds in their 401(k) plans are vulnerable. Boomers understand the onus is on them, more than ever before, to prepare financially for retirement and to help protect their assets. With that in mind, we put a strong emphasis on client education, working with all clients to help ensure that they have the best possible investment strategy to meet their goals. We help them understand all of their investment options, the importance of financial defense, the facts about stock market history, and how changing interest rates can affect certain investments—particularly income funds—adversely.

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RIS book

Making Previous Methods of Planning and Saving for Retirement Obsolete


At a time when stock market volatility is closing in on record highs, The Retirement Income Stor-E presents a viable and proven solution that can help you get started on the path to a more reliable retirement outcome, than most traditional stock market-based investments can offer.