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New Book: Protecting Your Principle and the Coming Crash

David J. Scranton talks about his new book “Return on Principle” to an audience at the book’s  launch in Ft.Lauderdale in late August.

David J Scranton

David J. Scranton is on a mission. The seasoned market analyst and financial advisor’s recently published book has a title that says it all: “Return on Principle: Seven Core Values to Help Protect your Money in Good Times and Bad.” And, the book lives up to its promise.

No stranger to the financial arena, you’ll find 17 letters following Scranton’s name –CLU, ChFC, CFA, CFP and MSFS. But what you might not know, is that he also has a degree in mathematics. Add that extra bonus bit of education into the fold and it likely has given this investment pro a leg-up when it comes to analyzing and understanding the markets, corporate America and the ins and outs of the numerous products offered investors.

During his career spanning more than 30 years, Scranton has been recognized as a respected market analyst and is a frequent guest on a broad array of national TV business programs. Additionally, he is the founder of Sound Income Strategies, a registered investment advisory firm, and Advisors’ Academy, training and marketing organization for financial advisors.

More importantly, as one of the guests at his recent book launch in Fort Lauderdale, said, “ David knows his stuff plus he’s a nice guy.” Continue reading