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David Scranton - Our Story

Sound Income Strategies was founded by David Scranton, CFA. Dave has gained a level of notoriety over the years as an advisor who is particularly protective of his client’s assets. For 30 years Scranton has been specializing in the universe of income-generating savings and investment strategies.

As a recognized market expert Dave frequently shares his insights on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and has his own Sunday morning TV show on the Newsmax channel.

There have been a number of years where the fixed income markets have provided ample returns for those with assets in this sector. It’s likely that this “easy pickings” period is over, and investors without the proper background may want to look to active managers who specialize in income investments, to unearth the best opportunities. Sound Income Strategies is made up of a team of experienced investment management specialists, led by David Scranton, who proactively manages client accounts to protect and to maximize returns on a daily basis. David Scranton and Sound Income Strategies serves clients nationwide. They specialize in helping Baby Boomers and those who are retired or near retirement.



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