Our History & Mission

Sound Income Strategies was founded in 2014 by David J. Scranton (CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, CFA, MSFS).

David has gained a level of notoriety over the years as an advisor who is particularly protective of his clients’ assets. For 30 years, he has specialized in the universe of income-generating savings and investment strategies. Sound Income Strategies is a nationwide, full-service financial firm dedicated to helping individuals and families meet their immediate and long-term financial objectives.

In 2016, David began his own TV show, The Income Generation, branded for Sound Income Strategies. It broadcasts to over 10 million households nationwide every Sunday on NewsmaxTV. His show helps to educate individuals on the importance of purpose-based investing, especially for those who are 7 to 10 years from retirement and individuals who are already in retirement.

Sound Income Strategies is uniquely qualified and driven to help clients save and invest in strategies that enable them to look forward to retirement with excitement, a sense of security and, most importantly, reliable income. Sound Income Strategies’ team of experienced investment management specialists, led by Dave Scranton, proactively manage clients’ accounts in order to protect and maximize returns.

Mr. Scranton is also the founder of Scranton Financial Group, Advisors’ Academy, and Scranton Academy for Financial Education, a not-for-profit educational foundation. He wrote Stop the Financial Insanity: How to Keep Wall Street’s Cancer From Spreading to Your Portfolio in 2011, and most recently, he became an Amazon bestselling author when he wrote Return on Principle: 7 Core Values to Help Protect Your Money in Good Times and Bad. Based on years of independent research, these books explain the basis of David’s sound, conservative approach to investing and retirement planning, developed during his 30 years as a financial advisor.

Sound Income Strategies maintains a core belief that consumers have the right to conservative yet innovative financial advice, along with counsel and recommendations for their individual situation regardless of market conditions.

Everything we do at Sound Income Strategies is designed to help our clients grow and protect their hard-earned money.