Advisor Opportunities

Sound Income Strategies provides turnkey active management strategies in individual fixed-income securities for qualified advisors nationwide. Advisors who qualify are those that specialize in income-generating investment options and embrace our philosophy of “defensive” retirement planning, which prioritizes portfolio protection and income generated through interest and dividends.

While some Registered Investment Advisory firms try to be all things to all people, Sound Income Strategies and our advisors work primarily with clients whose financial goals are purposed-based rather than performance-based. This means our clients are more focused on getting reliable income, reasonable growth and protecting their assets than they are on getting the highest returns possible regardless of the potential risk. Our goal is to make sure our clients are happy knowing they can count on stabilized, reasonable returns over time; income designed to last a lifetime; and significantly less volatility risk than common stocks.

If that sounds like your client-base, contact Sound Income Strategies to learn more about how you can qualify to take advantage of our turnkey fixed-income active management strategies!

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