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Sound Income Strategies is a Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in active management of individual fixed income securities. With our unique expertise and experience, we focus on maximizing the value of your fixed income portfolio and helping you build a retirement plan that delivers dependable income, growth potential and – most importantly – defense against damaging losses. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we diligently honor our fiduciary responsibility, as spelled out in the US Investment Advisors Act of 1940, our goal is to “always act and serve in the best interest of our clients.”

Our Clients

While Sound Income Strategies works with a broad range of clients, we specialize in working with those who are retired or nearing retirement. Increasingly that means working Americans in the Baby Boomer demographic who understand that, compared to previous generations, the game has changed significantly when it comes to retirement planning. For most Boomers, traditional, employer-based pensions no longer exist, and in the wake of two major stock market drops since the year 2000, many have learned the hard way that the mutual funds in their 401k plans are vulnerable. Boomers understand the onus is on them, more than ever before, to prepare financially for retirement and to protect their assets. With that in mind, we put a strong emphasis on client education, working with all clients to ensure that they have the best possible investment strategy to meet their goals. We help them to understand all of their investment options, the importance of financial defense, the alarming facts about stock market history, and how changing interest rates can effect certain investments – particularly bond funds – adversely.

Risk Analysis

Virtually no investment option is without some degree of risk. But the amount of risk you can afford to be taking with your investments differs drastically depending on numerous factors, in particular your age, cumulative assets, income needs and retirement goals. Too much risk can be especially costly in the 10 years just before and after retirement, as many unfortunate investors learned when the stock market plunged by nearly 50% from January 2000 to March of 2003, and by over 50% from October 2007 to March of 2009. In each instance, it took six or seven full years for the stock market to rebound to its previous peak, forcing retirees and near-retirees who got caught in the downdraft to either postpone retirement or return to work. Sound Income Strategies specializes in working with clients individually to conduct a thorough portfolio risk analysis. We help clients avoid unnecessary risk and incorporate “defensive” financial strategies that help protect against damaging losses. At the same time, our active management strategies help you maximize income and growth opportunities and better ensure the achievement of your long-term financial goals


Sound Income Strategies was founded as a Registered Investment Advisory firm by David Scranton (CLU, ChFC, CFP®, CFA, MSFS) and is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. With a central office in Florida, Sound Income Strategies serves clients nationwide, and is comprised of a team of investment management specialists with advanced training, expertise and experience with income based investment strategies that emphasize income first and growth second.


With over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, Sound Income Strategies founder David Scranton (CLU, ChFC, CFP®, CFA, MSFS) is one of America’s leading independent financial advisors. Early in his career, Scranton “followed the crowd” with a business model that focused heavily on stock market-based investments. However, after years of independent research into stock market history, Scranton anticipated the onset of a new long-term secular bear market cycle in 1999. Armed with that knowledge, Scranton stopped following the crowd and changed his business model to one he felt would better serve his clients and protect their portfolios in the decades ahead. Since that time, Scranton and advisors he has mentored have helped tens of thousands of clients avoid devastating financial losses and build dependable retirement plans using primarily conservative, income-generating savings and investment strategies.

In 2013, seeing another major long-term shift in the economy and financial markets on the horizon – namely the impending reversal of a 33-year trend of declining interest rates – Scranton has since launched Sound Income Strategies. This unique Registered Investment Advisory firm ensures that Scranton and other advisors specializing in income-generating strategies are able to continue helping their clients build secure, dependable retirement plans now and into the future through active management of individual fixed-income securities.


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